Craft Connect  is a courier service similar to Uber Eats or Grubhub that offers on demand delivery from a growing selection of local providers.

Gas Guide currently delivers to virtually all areas of Washington DC and inside the beltway.

Craft Connect will make every effort to have deliveries completed within an hour.

The minimum age to use  Craft Connect is 21. ID is required prior to completion of delivery.

Through equitable partnerships Craft Connect provides local growers, processors and edible chefs a platform to promote their brands and showcase their talents. A true farm to table experience for Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Craft producers tend to focus on quality, growing in small areas where they can thoroughly control all the parameters that influence plant growth, thus ensuring consistent top quality. Craft producers can use the size of their farms to their advantage for the production of buds with better bag appeal, flavor and aroma; and at the same time doing so in a more sustainable way, which will be more attractive to consumers. All done without the use of pesticides

Craft Connect was founded by Green Label in Washington DC. Since 2017 Green Label has built a reputation as a trusted provider locally grown cannabis products. Our business has grown to a point where we have a hard time keeping pace with demand. Craft Connect provides an exclusive platform to local growers and artisans to promote and showcase their talents under their own brand. Craft Connect will only showcase local growers, processors and edible artisans of DC, Maryland and Virginia and all will be verified.